Traded: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT (

UPDATE APRIL 2018: I traded this watch in April 2018 for another Omega – the Planet Ocean Deep Black Red ( There were some things I really liked about this watch: The new bracelet quick-adjust feature (which I wrote about here). the bi-color ceramic bezel, the METAS certification of the awesome 8906 movement. But the watch was not getting a lot of wrist time.

One of the things that always bothered me a bit about the watch was the highly polished (and very shiny) dial. It was just a little too blingy for my taste. The ceramic bezel, while an amazing technological feat (and a first), also was pretty showy and a little in-your-face. It was also a pretty top-heavy and thick watch – and would most definitely not fit under a shirt cuff. Another problem with the Seamaster (and Planet Ocean) bracelet deployants was they were scratch magnets. Now, it was something that could be repaired in seconds with a brillo pad (or Bergeon No. 5444 polishing stones), but it was still something that bothered me.

The final thing that bothered me was that this is supposed to be a dive watch true and true. And while it would always be a “desk-diver” for me personally (I’d wear one of my other diving watches when I truly went diving), and I am a fan of GMT complications, the fact that it had a bi-directional 24-hour GMT bezel meant it really wasn’t a diver. It’s a dive watch where you can’t really use the bezel for time measurement (wrong time scale and it’s not unidirectional). It was a watch without an identity in that respect.

So, out with the PO GMT. In with the ceramic PO Deep Black. Lighter, good strap, real bezel, nice dial. The only thing I was giving up, so to speak, was the nice Seamaster bracelet with the quick-adjust.


  • The technological feat of the first bi-color ceramic bezel
  • The micro-adjustable Omega bracelet
  • METAS certification for a crazy-accurate (and visually attractive) movement.


  • The very shiny ceramic dial
  • Bi-directional GMT bezel on what is primarily a dive watch
  • Very thick and top-heavy watch


MODEL NAME: Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT


MOVEMENT: Omega 8906 (60-hour power reserve)

CASE SIZE: 43.5mm




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