Quick Review: The IWC DaVinci Chrono – Is it Ugly? I don’t think so… I bought it twice.

Earlier this year, IWC came out with their new DaVinci line of timepieces. And I was a bit bummed.

What I liked about the previous DaVinci line was that it was radically different than other IWC watches. I mean, it was a different shape with a  completely original style.

I can only assume that the watch didn’t sell very well. For one, I got mine at a fire-sale discount. Two, I rarely see them on other people’s wrists. Third, IWC discontinued the line. (Update: They brought it back in 2017, although it’s a different watch entirely and no longer a tonneau.)

It doesn’t change the fact that the DaVinci fills a unique spot in my collection. It’s a tonneau shaped case, for one. It’s got a IWC in-house movement. The dial work is pretty interesting, with a lot of engraving and depth and interest. And it’s a chunky watch that looks as good with jeans as with a suit.

A lot of folks and reviewers never liked this watch. I’m not one of them. I’ve actually owned two of these watches – the first one was DOA after wearing it for a day and I came across the second one, NOS (new old stock) about a year later. The version here is the “second version” that had a more detailed and textured dial and a bit of layering.

The in-house movement is pretty cool, too. It has a flyback chrono and the feel of the chrono pushers has a nice click to it that none of my other chronos exhibit. And having what’s just shy of a 4-day power reserve also makes this a very interesting watch.

So, it goes without saying that IWC really tried to do something interesting here. They gave the DaVinci everything they could, but I guess it wasn’t enough. Oh well. It just means that it will be unlikely that I see it on someone else’s wrist anytime soon and that I can enjoy my example all by myself.


  • Non-traditional shape watch (and non-traditional styling)
  • You don’t see many IWC DaVinci watches – gets a lot of comments
  • In-house movement with display back


  • It’s not an everyday-style watch
  • It’s not going to fit underneath a shirt cuff – tall and thick
  • Not an investment piece (but seriously, what is?)


MODEL NAME: IWC DaVinci Chronograph


MOVEMENT: IWC 89360 Calibre (In-House) (28,800, 68 hour power reserve)

CASE SIZE: 43x51mm


OTHER REVIEWhttp://www.watchalyzer.com/iwc-watches/da-vinci/iwc-da-vinci-chronograph-watch/

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