Today’s Watch Pic: FOIS Gets a New Pair of Shoes

Omega NATO straps are incredibly expensive. $160 MSRP for a piece of fabric and a few stainless steel buckles. It’s insane. But wow, they are incredibly good quality, designed well and look fantastic.

I’ve posted about my Omega Speedmaster First Omega in Space (FOIS) before. It’s a few mm’s smaller than other moon Speedys and I like the Alpha hands, applied Omega logo and other small differences in this and my larger sapphire sandwich moonwatch. If you want more on the FOIS, Hodinkee does a nice write-up here.

This watch in my collection is also been designated to almost always wear NATOs (i.e. I don’t often remove the springbars). It’s 19-20mm lugs means it wears a bit smaller NATO than others in my collection, but I have a combo of non-Omega straps as well as Omega black nylon (NASA-esque), Omega tanned leather, non-Omega “James Bond” strap from Amazon and now, this one.

The watch originally came on a leather pin-and-buckle strap, but it just didn’t suit me. I traditionally don’t like buckle straps, and the one that came with the FOIS was a little too narrow, too dainty, for my wrists. Thankfully, Omega NATO to the rescue!

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