Omega’s Response to Rolex’s GlideLock

It took Omega a few years, but they’ve finally released an adjustable bracelet clasp for micro-adjustments, and I like it. I like it better than the Rolex Glidelock.

The Seamaster bracelet design (and the Speedmaster for that matter) have always been great clasps – their substantial, machined feel made the earlier Rolex clasps feel like stamped tin (which is almost what they were).

This new micro-adjustable clasp looks great on the outside – really no different than the previous PO clasp. That’s a good thing. Same extension piece to go over a wetsuit, same two-button release, same propensity to get scratched on anything. (Something, by the way, is easy to remedy with a Bergeon fine polishing stone or Brillo pad.)

This bracelet is on my new Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT (, which is not considered a “Professional” watch so that word is not inscribed below the Omega wordmark and logo on the clasp. (Aside: I think it can’t be considered a professional watch as the 24-hour bezel is bi-directional.)

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT © 2017 Adam Brown

But on the inside, things are different. The inside of the clasp it appears to be a lot more finished and polished than the GlideLock) and works quite well. It’s a little bit harder to adjust the bracelet length with the watch still on (as compared to the GlideLock) but not impossible.

Most people are going to adjust the links in their bracelet to fit them perfectly, which means they will only use the micro-adjustments for small adjustments. But even if you have the adjustment out all the way, it still looks decent – with nice finishing on the extension that keeps the look of the bracelet going:

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT © 2017 Adam Brown

I will review the other aspects of the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean GMT in a future post, but first wanted to share my thoughts on the new clasp that I believe being rolled out to all Seamaster and Speedy bracelets.

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