What was I thinking? Trading my Frederique Constant Manufacturer Worldtimer

Watches are always entering – and leaving – my collection. Sometimes I’m glad to get rid of something. Sometimes I regret a trade.

About a year ago, I traded my Frederique Constant Manufacturer Worldtimer for another watch. I regretted it almost immediately. This is a great watch at a pretty good price, and features an interesting movement. What was I thinking?

Worldtimers are great complications, and I only recently picked up another worldtimer to fill this slot in my collection (a Breitling Galatic Unitime). I’ll write about it in an upcoming post:

Breitling Galactic Unitime © 2017 Adam Brown

But back to the Freddie C – I bought it grey-market on Amazon.com so it didn’t come from an Authorized Dealer and didn’t have a manufacturer’s warranty. The watch kept great time but I had a few issues that I noticed other people on watch forums discussed – a very sensitive crown.

When you pulled out the crown one click to adjust the world time feature, it felt like the crown wasn’t coming out at all. There was no slack between the crown in first position (winding) and the second position. I was always worried that I was going to screw something up.

Good news is that nothing ever happened. And the rest of the watch – interesting dial, display back and strap were very nice. I did find the watch a bit dressy for what I typically wore. And when I am traveling (a typical time where I would want to wear a world timer), I’m typically a bit more casual and want a watch that can fit in with both dress and sport looks. The Breitling Galactic Untime fulfilled that role better for me. But I wouldn’t find that replacement for over a year after trading the F.C.

So, whoever now owns the Freddie C – I hope you are enjoying it. And if you own one – you know as well – it’s a great watch.

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