Does This Watch Scare You?

I like it. Most people I know don’t care for this one.

I have had several Bell & Ross watches over the years (like this one) and had always traded them out for something else. This one has lasted in my collection for over a year. This one is very, very different. As it bought it pre-owned it also came with this pseudo-custom Rob Montana strap from The Strap Smith. I think this particular strap adds a LOT to the overall aesthetic. (The watch came with a more standard dark brown B&R strap with a standard buckle.)

The lume on this BR01-92 is pretty cool, too. The problem is that the lume does not stay lit for very long – which is something I have noticed about all of the B&R watches I have owned over the years. There are entire marketing pieces on the hand-inking done on each of these watches (the engraving is CNC-controlled by a laser). And I really like the Bell & Ross branding that is printed on the inside of the skull-shaped sapphire crystal.

Here’s a video from Bell & Ross on the hand-inking process. Interesting.

So, would you wear this watch? Is the Bell & Ross Burning Skull too much for you? Is it too out there? Do you “get” the skull watch tie-in that Bell & Ross is basing this on?

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