Traded: Review: Glashütte Original Senator Hand Date

Well, my dressy GO Senator is no more. I’ve had it for almost two years and it never got the wrist time that I thought it would.

That’s not to say it isn’t a great, and beautiful watch. At 40mm it’s a nice size for dress work. The alligator strap (and dressy tang buckle) looked great with a suit. The silver dial, accentuated with the balanced two sub-dials, gave the watch some nice interest.

But, I will say that the hand date was a bit hard to read. The date numbers were awfully small, and the more I got to know GO, the more I realized that anything other than a “Big Date” (or as GO calls a Panorama Date) wasn’t what the brand was really known for.

I purchase the watch pre-owned, and still took a bit of a bath when I traded it in. I knew this was going to happen – and felt that the watch wasn’t going to stabilize in value (or increase) anytime soon. Glashutte Original watches are not going great in the valuation race these days – so that didn’t help with the trade. But it did help me with what I traded the watch for – a GO Vintage Seventies Chrono on a bracelet.


  • Classy, dressy watch from a fantastic German brand
  • The balanced silver dial and decorated movement


  • I had other white/silver-faced dressy watches
  • Date was hard to read
  • Depreciation of all GO watches these days


MODEL NAME: Glashutte Original Senator Hand Date

REFERENCE NUMBER: 39-58-02-02-04

MOVEMENT: Glashutte 39-58 (40 hour power reserve)



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