Review: I Realized Tudor Was Back with the Heritage Black Bay

When you think about the origins of the Rolex Submariner, something probably like the Tudor Heritage Black Bay should come to mind.

I’ve had this watch for a few years, and at one point had both the red and blue versions of the Black Bay. But I ended up trading the blue one and keeping the red – the combination of the matte bezel, brown dial and gold hands make this version of the watch much more distinctive in my opinion.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay – Red 79220R © 2017 Adam Brown

Straps & Bracelets

Like most Tudors, this watch comes with both the standard strap (in this case a distressed brown leather strap with stainless steel deployant) and a NATO strap. I also have the stainless steel bracelet from the blue Black Bay that I traded. But this is a strap watch and not a bracelet one, in my opinion…

Tudor Heritage Black Bay – Red 79220R © 2017 Adam Brown

There are so many things I like about this watch. Certainly, the watch’s heritage (pun intended) is a big one. Second is that domed/bubble sapphire crystal. It’s really distinctive and plays with the light on the brown dial underneath it.

And as I mentioned above, I think the 79220R adds so much on top of the blue. The brown dial and gold hands give the watch a lot more classic (and aged) feel. The distressed leather strap is ok – I like what they tried to do here but wish it were a bit more thick and meaty. It’s saving grace is the excellent Tudor deployant clasp – it’s extremely comfortable and also is appropriate for the watch – not too fancy but also very well executed.

Tudor Heritage Black Bay – Red 79220R © 2017 Adam Brown

The volume of lume on the Rolex Maxi-Dial like face is also great when you’re in a dark room or movie theatre. And the blocks of lume on the end of the seconds and hour hand really make legibility (in the light or dark) really strong.

But one of the little things that I love about this watch (and something you can’t see as well on the blue version) is the strip of red on the crown tube. What a cool addition that makes me smile every time I look at it.


This is a great watch and there is a reason it was awarded the Revival Prize at 2013 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève. It’s fairly priced, checks all of the right boxes for a heritage/tribute and is a great addition to my collection. I also think this is the watch that made many people realize that Tudor Was Back and was a brand that could go out and expand its legs from beyond being the “poor man’s Rolex” (and I say that very affectionally).


  • The red on the bezel (and that crown tube) is perfect
  • The domed sapphire
  • Really nice case finishing (satin/polished contrast going up the lugs) for a watch at this price point


  • The distressed leather strap should be thicker


MODEL NAME: Tudor Heritage Black Bay – Red


MOVEMENT: ETA 2824 (38 hour power reserve)





2 thoughts on “Review: I Realized Tudor Was Back with the Heritage Black Bay

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  1. I just bought the black bay red bezel here in Halifax, NS. It is the original ETA movement. I simply fell in love with the look of the watch. Can’t believe I didn’t notice this watch until now. I already have a black Tag and am retired so I love the look of the red. I had been looking at the Rolex Sub, but the BBRed is simply much better looking on my wrist. My wife was kind enough to get it for me. I keep admiring it because it is so attractive and comfortable. Am I a watch junky? I hope not.

    1. I did end up selling my Black Bay Red, Ian, and I miss it. That red color of the bezel (and the little winding stem tube) was so very cool. Hope you are still enjoying yours…

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